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The Buyer’s Guide and Reviews on Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

The product that goes hand in hand with cat litter is the cat litter box. Today you will come across with a variety of cat litter boxes, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the models are simply Big Litter Box design for toughness, while others are designed for comfort and size and some models keep an aesthetic value of the Big Cat Litter Box on its priority list. But things get complicated when you have multiple cats at home sharing the same litter box. The Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats is different from the simple litter boxes for a single cat. Below is the buyer’s guide for you that can help you to find the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats. You will also come across with some Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews below to help you make wise and informed purchasing decision.

The Size of the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Usually, the litter boxes for multiple cats are larger in size as compared to the traditional litter boxes. These boxes are usually designed larger so as to accommodate multiple cats inside it for their private businesses. However, cats rarely do their private businesses with companions, but it is always a smart move to buy the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats with extra spaces just in case. You can check the online Cat Litter Reviews to get an idea for the size of the litter box that you need according to the number and size of the cats you have at your home.

The depth of the Base

The second consideration is the depth of the litter box. The litter boxes used for several cats in houses usually come with deeper bases. You are required to check for the depth of the litter box in order to ensure that it can accommodate the larger cat also, if you have any. Having extra depth at the base is important because cats usually hides or bury their waste materials by shoveling an amount litter on it and this will only possible if the litter box has extra depth. The shallow boxes must be avoided as it will turn to be shattered very quickly and may create messy later on.

Bigger Entry and Exit

A litter box that you are intending to buy for multiple cats at home must have larger entry and exit door. Cats usually avoid using the litter, cat boxes that have smaller exit and entry door. So, if you have multiple cats at home, then ensure to buy the Big Litter Box that has larger doors for entry and exit.

Filtering and Cleaning Mechanisms

For this, you are required to check the Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews and find the best-suited litter boxes for multiple cats. There are some models of litter boxes for multiple cats that come with advanced cleaning and filtering mechanisms. They come with an inherent filtration system as well as self-clean abilities and you are required to check for such models. You must ensure buying the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats that comes with easy to handling, cleaning mechanism for cleaning of the litters.


Reviews on Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

PetSafeScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafeScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is the best suited and perfect cat litter box for more than one cat in the house. This litter box combines the long lasting odor control of the crystal cat litter with the auto raking mechanism. This results in a touch-free litter box system that cleans the litter itself, thereby allowing the owners to go for 30 days without having to discard the waste. The litter box comes with a silica gel crystal that is highly absorbent and it is designed to stabilize the odor up to 5 times more efficiently than the clay litter. The litter box comes with a separate tray where the liquid waste is accumulated and it can hold up to 30 days. Every time the litter box is used by your cats, it starts the countdown timer. After every 10-20 minutes, the stainless steel rake will travel across the bed to stir the litter and encourage the urine absorption and to catch the solid waste. It pushes the solid waste into the odor control absorbent hopper automatically and it is stored until it is ready to toss it out.

PetSafeScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is mess-free, low maintenance, litter box for multiple cats. The litter box frees the owner from the daily tedium of cleaning the litter box. The litter box automatically cleans the litter box after 10-20 minutes your cat has used it. This ensures that the cat would get an extremely clean box every time when they need for their next private business. Unlike clay boxes, it creates crystal litter that is dust-free.


  • Low maintenance and self-cleaning mechanism
  • Diligent litter box cleaning method
  • Creates silica gel crystal litter that is virtually dust free
  • Very quit and quick


  • Extremely expensive
  • Can’t handle large or loose stools
  • Auto cleaning is reliant on power sources

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Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box is the creatively designed litter box that enables the owners to simplify the scoop sessions because it allows you to simply roll the litter box and clean it with ease. Every time you revolve around the litter box on its sides, all the available contents will automatically pass through the litter tray. The litter box may seem to be simple in appearance, but the brilliance of the litter box is its innovative and creative self-cleaning mechanism. Unlike other litter boxes in the market that are loaded with multiple features like filters, liners, electrical motor, the Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box relies greatly on the gravity alone. You simply need to roll the box over to its right on the side and the clumps of litters will gather together and collected neatly into the tray. However, you are required to bang at its bottom so as to ensure that everything is cleared up and no chunks are left behind. Gradually remove the tray and dispose of the waste without having to literally use your hands to touch the waste.

The design of the litter box is well-organized and using it for cleaning is super easy. You will find both the regular and standard sizes and hence you need to choose the right suited box for your feline friends at home. Because of the shifting mechanism of the litter box, the owners can easily cut back on the litter usages and this is the crucial consideration for households that are having several cats at home. The litter box has no lifting hood mechanism; instead, the litter box has a top cover which can be removed like the standard cat litter boxes.


  • Optimal self-cleaning mechanism without extra efforts
  • No need of touching the litter for cleaning
  • Reduces the mess of litter dust that you breathe while cleaning


  • Need additional space on the sides for easy rolling
  • Self-cleaning is efficient how it is not as perfect as required

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PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System

PetSafe Deluxe Crystal is the Cat Litter Box System that is innovatively and masterly designed to work efficiently by using the crystal silicon cat litters that make your daily scooping sessions a breeze. You are required to fill the litter box once in a month with the premium crystal that comes with the box and as the cat start using it the crystal litter tends to soak up the urine and also dry out the solid waste so as to control the odors. The litter box comes with a tray that is aligned with the soak-able pee-pad and hence this works as the added layer for providing protection for soaking up the urine that the crystal litter doesn’t absorb. The litter box also comprises of vents along its undersides that stimulate the flow of air underneath the crystal cat litter and this extends the lifespan of the cat litter and also maintains its freshness.

The PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System also comes with a scoop that you need to use to dispose of the solid waste on a regular basis. There is also an anti-tracking grid located right on the front panel of the box that ensures to keep the content secured inside the box and doesn’t create a mess over the floor after the cat is done with her private business. The crystal litter that comes with the box would last for one month and every month the litter box needs be refilled with the crystal that comes with the package.


  • Longer lasting cat litter
  • Vents promotes air flow
  • Because of the crystal litter odor is reduced
  • Keeps the floors clean
  • Easy to easy


  • Needs replacement of cat litter every month

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A quality cat litter box is a very useful item if you have pets in your home. It is much easier to collect urine and feces of your cats, small dogs, rabbits, and miniature pigs with this product. The market is big, and there is a large selection of various cat litter boxes.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is one of those quality items with a mission to stop litter tracking. A big top entryway makes it simple to load and unload. The litter cat box looks nice when considering design. It is

available in various color combinations, so the buyers have a chance to select a perfect fit for their homes in accordance with the interior.

The dimensions are as follows: 20.50″ length x 14.75″ width x 14.38″ height from the outside. The inside dimensions are calculated at 19.12″ length x 13.75″ width x 14.25″

height. You can entirely remove the cap from the top, and that option is useful for fast and efficient cleaning. The rounded formation makes it even simpler.

This cat litter box is available in large and medium sizes and the dimensions above belong to the first type. There are also two different styles of the big cat litter box presented here. They are quite similar to each other, but some small differences still exist.

The product is available on Amazon, and you can find it there. The buyers are almost completely satisfied with it considering a lot of positive reviews.

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Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box is a useful item when it comes to preventing litter scatter. The item provides a lot of space, and it is easy to handle and clean. There is a big entry at the top and you can remove the entire cap when the situation requires.

The outside box dimensions are 16″ length x 16″ width x 15″ height. The linear box dimensions are as follows: 16″ length x 16″ width x 10″ height. If you have a new house and apartment, this product might be a perfect solution for your pets. Its design is really nice and stylish, so it will look great even the most luxury homes. It is made in black, gray and white color, so the buyers can choose the perfect fit for themselves.

This product has been featured in some of the most established publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Animal Planet’s, LA Times and many others. Clearly, the price of this product is higher than the prices of its counterparts, but you will not regret after the purchase.

This is a durable product capable to last for years without Modkat Litter Box is available on Amazon, where it has reached great popularity considering a large number of reviews and a positive rating.

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Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

This cat litter box is currently holding the first position on the Amazon best selling list for the category. The products affordable price, and its simplicity are most likely the main reason for the great popularity and a lot of sales.

The box has a completely open top, and you can see the surface in the whole inside from the above. It means the cleaning procedure is simplified too. There are no hidden angles to make problems while performing that task.

This product contains a 3-pan system which means you can separate it into three different parts. Most of the impurity and dirt collect at the bottom level. With warm water, you can clean all of them with ease. You can always prepare it and keep it in a good condition in a minute. But the box provides other useful features as well.

The antibacterial protection, for example, is definitely one of them. The box is created of a special material that serves for the purpose. It has the ability to support preventing the development of bacterial cells inside the box. This product is a durable one, thanks to the design. You should expect it too last for a long time, especially if you keep the condition at an adequate level all the time.

The box also looks nice and you can place it in various places such as wall angles and other peripheral spots. As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the price is also a great advantage of this product. It currently stands at $16.83, which is really a small amount of money for such a compelling litter box for multiple cats.

The product has a great rating too, and many positive reviews from satisfied buyers. If you are looking for a simple but efficient litter box, this might be an ideal solution for your needs.

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Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray

This litter box currently takes the second place on the Amazon’s list of the best selling boxes at this moment. It is, however, a far more complicated product with bigger dimensions and complex cover system. This product usually serves as a house for your cats, and they can perform their daily duties inside.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is, of course, a folding box, and you can remove different parts before cleaning. It will simplify the entire procedure, and you will be able to reach hidden parts of the item. The dimensions of this box are as follows: 24.4″ length x 18.3″ height x 20″ width. It is a great solution for the owner of multiple cats, thanks to those characteristics.

The box provides nice privacy for your pets, and their home is hidden inside from the eyes of your visitors. There are also some nice features that support the hygiene of this product, such as a carbon filter and blue box filter. Both serve to help you with cleaning. The first is efficient when it comes to removing odors. You will have no problems with this item, it works perfectly fine.

The second one is a magic blue filter, and you will get a sample if you choose to buy the product on Amazon. This time-limited addition will serve you shortly, but it is still enough to improve the hygiene during the time-frame. The current price of this litter box stands at $29.99 right now. The item has gained great popularity and collected a massive number of positive reviews that count in thousands.

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Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

This item is set up at the third position of the Amazon’s best selling list currently. It is a quite unusual litter box without a cover. The nice design makes it interesting and easy to handle. There are handgrips on both sides, so you easily pull it up, move and return down when you finish.

The box is typically made in a shiny black color and that glaze looks perfect. The cats can easily enter in. One side is almost completely open and that is an entrance. You will have to problem to keep the hygiene at an appropriate level. Thanks to the shape and materials, the cleaning procedure will be simplified for you. Each part of this litter box is clearly visible and easily reachable. Warm water will do the rest.

The product is also among the most popular ones with more than thousand of positive reviews and remarkable rating. The price is competitive and presently stands at $19.99. If you need simple, inconspicuous, and easy to handle litter box for multiple cats, then this might be an ideal solution for you. Use the Google search bar to look for yourself.

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AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

AmazonBasic Hooded Litter Box is placed forth according to the Amazon’s list. By the popularity, it is equal to its counterparts from this review. The box is available in several different types, and you have an opportunity to select the most appropriate one for yourself.

For example, there are large and standard boxes, those with cover and without them. Some have an open top, others have a top entry. Their specifications significantly differ from one model to another. The price of the product is standing at $20.99 right now. You can check all the details for each type directly on Amazon.

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