Is the cat kept in the flat happy?

The question of whether a cat not coming out at all can be happy is very controversial. Unfortunately, the whole matter is quite complex, because a lot depends on our individual situation as well as on the temperament of the kitty itself. It should be remembered that there are many dangers lurking outside the house for the cat, and yet in a small apartment you can create conditions that correspond to its natural needs. Is it worth letting the cat out?


Does the cat have to be let out of the house?

It is clear that unlimited space outside the house gives your cat much more opportunities and entertainment. Outside, the pet can hunt, patrol its territory, or play with its brothers and sisters at will. Outdoor cats also take more exercise, so they can enjoy better conditions, do not have to be afraid of overweight or diabetes. But do all these benefits to be sure to outweigh potential hazards?

Some people think that keeping a cat in an apartment and limiting its living space is a sign of cruelty and abuse. On the other side of the barricade, for example, there are pro-animal organizations and foundations that mediate in the adoption of animals. It is worth knowing that one of the terms of an adoption agreement is a commitment not to let the cat go outside. Why such a position? It should be remembered that outside the house a kitty is exposed to many dangers. Infectious diseases, abscesses, parasites, various types of injuries, road accidents, or attacks on other animals are just some of the many dangers that lurk on a cat without care of its owner outside the house.


Is an indoor cat happy?

Hapyp cat

Nowadays, many veterinarians and behavioralists believe that keeping a cat at home is the most sensible option. As already mentioned, a cat released outdoors without any control is exposed to many wrongs and dangers. However, one has to remember the temperament and instinctive hunting needs of every cat. Let’s keep in mind that an animal kept indoors, without the possibility of their realization can actually feel unhappy. As guardians, we should therefore provide the pet with appropriate conditions and attractions necessary to meet its natural needs.

The composition of the cat’s journey should consist primarily of a comfortable bed, and preferably two – one ordinary, and the other arranged somewhere at a height, for example on a closet or other stable shelf or a higher scraper. Let’s not forget about the tray, scratchers, and appropriate meals. In order to keep your pet in good psychophysical condition, we must also take care of his activity. It is very important to play with your pet and provide him with appropriate accessories for independent play. We can use various types of squeaking or screwing mice, balls, rods, and interactive toys, requiring more attention and commitment from the cat. Thanks to them a kitty will be able to satisfy the hunting instinct, his environment will be more varied and full of attractions occupying time and attention.

What can you do to keep your cat safe outside the house?

If we still want our cat to be able to spend time outside the house, we should take care of its safety during such escapades. First of all, we should never let the cat out, especially if we live near busy roads or numerous buildings. If we have our own garden, it is worth thinking about fencing a certain space for the aviary for the cat. This is undoubtedly the best solution because the cat will be able to play and enjoy a little more freedom, while still being under our care and watchful eye. Another option is to lead the cat on a leash. This idea is becoming more and more popular, and in pet stores, there is no shortage of harnesses and leashes dedicated to purring. A cat equipped with such a set can accompany us during walks, trips to the park, to the plot, or even a longer escapade outside the city.

Secondly, an outgoing cat should be under constant vet’s supervision. We should remember about regular vaccinations, deworming, and administration of agents against fleas and ticks. It will also be a good idea to chuck the pet in case of an escape or equip it with a collar with the addressee.